Controller for the advertisement with 40 white LEDs - R1

     Complex is microcontroller are controlled the 40 channel 1W LED driver. Has been intended for for the power unit one pair (LED in the series) the LED in one time on the time. With semiconductor switches chooses (selects) who from 40 pairs LED will shine. Complex not was able will begin to burn more than the one couple LED because then comes to distributions current on more LED and to weakenings light. Complex can carry out the running one bright constants speed or with various other programs (by chance coming on pairs LED, simulation accelerations, slowing down, gradually the extinguishing and coming on, etc.).


power supply: 220VAC / 5VA
output: 7..12V / 100-350mA adjustable
the multiplex output: 8 blocks * 5 pairs LED
the minimal time of turning on of output: 1ms
the dead time at multiplexings: 1ms
protection from the short-circuiting outbound: yes the linear current limit and fuse F630mA
protection from the overload: extinguishes the output on the determined multiplex after 1ms, if is the exit voltage lower from 5V
protection from the over voltage: yes -  if 12V the power supply crosses 16V then shutdown the output
dimensions: 138 * 100 * 45mm
the working temperature: -25 to +50°C

     Price without the box and without power LED: the 538 HRK (the 72 euro)

     The possible making:

power unit 8 LED with according to 50mA (the external limit current with resistors) without multiplex  - can all will shine at the same time