Converter SPI2

     Appliance has been intended for the catching of impulse from two sources and regular time arranging of impulses on the one output. Period of output impulses has been limited on minimally 2 seconds. Use of complex is at controls odorisation pumps. Complex can accept and packages of impulse of frequency 10 Hz from two sources and then them temporally correctly pass on also enable the pump that works off all impulses. As required was able make and any other function.


microcontroller are controlled with watchdog (autoreset in case of jamming)
status indications LED
presence of entry signal in the last 5 minute for the every entry and fullness of passing buffer
activity of output in the last 5 minute and achieving of the maximal exit frequencies of impulses
the passing buffer to the 9999 impulse
LED display the 4 digita 14mm
display of impulse in the buffer or the flow (xx.x the impulse along the minute)
detection of the jammed push button at turning on also the crossing on the diagnostic keyboards
entries: non volatge for the contact 12V / 5mA
minimal widths of durations of entry impulse or pause: 30 ms (on order from 5ms)
NPN output optocoupler is isolated (24Vac / DC / 100mA), voltage on the activated output is 2V (1V for DC version)
minimal period the output impulse: 2 seconds (on order from 0,02 seconds)
duration of output impulse: 0,5 the second (on order from 0, the second, and more as necessary)
signal LED:
entry 1
entry 2
adaptation on the change of frequencies of entry impulses (the passing buffer terminates will fill up): 60..320 second
emptying 20 additional impulses (the entry 20 impulse / minute is continued): 150 to 480 second
the built-in key for the reset of processor
the temperature region: -30..50°C
power supply 220VAC / 5VA maxes
connectings: ordinal terminals, cable banner
box ( * d * v): 195 * 265 *  100 mm, IP56
guarantee 3 years
the insured servicing and technical documentation
on request (with the extra payment) can implement the special function of entry or the output also all stays at wish (e.g. membrane keyboards)

     deadline for production: 21 day

     Price: 5000 HRK (660eura)

     Price of complete project (the scheme, PCB draft, software source in the assembler, algorithms): 10000 HRK (1333eura)
The shown complex has are added the another parallel output.


adding yet a few entry or the output
regulable parameters (the filtration of entry, durations of impulses and minimal period the output, maximum of buffer)
buildingin in the smaller box (or the box for the building in through the front board)
without displeys
without the box
complex with the different program as required the user  from the counter, indicators of flows, comparators of flows, generators of impulses, etc.