Ni-Cd filling  / discharger

     Complex develops from the need for the controlled discharge Ni-Cd battery to 1.1V. Because of the prevention 'memory effect' in this kind battery necessary they always empty before the filling. How all batteries do have not same capacitance, happens that in the event of the use more the cell (in the series) the power supply fail because of the battery with the smallest capacity because she first emptied. Other batteries are not completely empty and needs they will empty. The manual emptying with resistor is simple, but often happened that the voltage some of the cell too deep discharge. Result damages or the destruction cell.


the capacitance complex is 1 to 4 cells from 1.2V
current fillings or discharges 50mA (200mA)
filling or the emptying simultaneously on all cells  - one to 4 cells
the controlled voltage praženjenja - the adjustable with trimer
are controlled the maximal voltage fillings - the adjustable with trimer
principle fillings and discharges is across the resistor (the constant current)
LED of indications states of processes (when diodes reduce the light on 50 % the cell has reached the voltage)
fills manually must interrupt after expirations of time of fillings (current= capacitance / 10, duration 14 hours)
emptying is not necessary will stop and take out single cells when empty i.e. emptying automatically stops
power supply 5V= / 0,2A

     Resistors are quoted parenthetical use for the current fillings 200mA. Proportion of resistor for the filling and for the emptying is 4:1. Complex is useful for the conditioning of accumulator. Also is appropriate for the emptying of used batteries before the filling on the fast adapter.