Realized electronic complexes and devices

     Present the part of realized projects. Enclosed schemes do not consist of intentional errors, but can older versions or principal. The newer version schemes can have improvements. Aside from this, schemes which has impulse transformers do not consist of the complete description of ways of winding, so in some cases may be more considerable deviations in the realization.
     Use our search can will accelerate the finding you interesting applications.

Switching electronics
Sensors and probes
Microprocessor application
Car-motto of electronics
Other applications

Switching electronics: 
12V adapter for fluo tube 16..40W Grade: very good
high qualities, regulation power - FLORA

12V adapter for adapter 24V the battery BOSCH hit drills
makes possible charge batteries from 12V car accumulator
Mine shooter (140V=) Grade: very good
power supply 4 * AA, > 2000 firing / battery set
Rebuilt PC switching power supply in DC source: 0..12V / 0..10A or 0..6V / 0..15A Grade: very good
adjustable output voltage, regulable max. current, low cost, possibility of parallel connecting  J3A
Converter 12VDC = > 220VAC / 300VA
6000W upper power, no sinus, appropriate for refrigerators with the engine
Converter 24VAC / 30VDC = > 2..3,5V / 1A
for small bulbs, minimally heat sink - STEP3V
Regulator DC of motor (stomatological similarly.) up to 24V / 3.5A
I * R compensation - SR1
Regulator DC of motor (stomatological similarly.), up to 24V / 4A Grade: very good
I*R compensation, reversal rotations - SR2
Regulator of fan 12V / 1A (4-12V)
without the need for the heat sink  on the basis of STEP3V
Stabilizer for electrolysis: 0..6V / 25A max
Stabilizer for electrolysis: 0..4V / 20A max (0..12V / 10Amax) Grade: very good
applicable as power supply - J4V
Stabilizer 42V / 10A max
Stabilizer 24V / 15A max
Stabilizer 6VDC fixed, stepdown, 4A max
restart after overload
Stabilizer 0,3..30VDC stepdown, 4A max
restart after overload  STEP2
Stablizator 12V= > 12V+24V+ / 10W
persists drop entry voltage up to 6V
Stabilizer 90VDC / 75W
220VAC net switching regulator
Universal switching stabilizer / regulator DC of motor, 24VAC / 0,1..24V,0..4A Grade: very good
general use, is added I * R komp. for DC motor, small dimensions, SR3
Universal switching stabilizer / regulator DC of motor, 12VDC / 0,1..11V,0..4A Grade: very good
application SR3 for the regulation speeds 12V DC of motor from the spit or at welding pipes
Universal switching the stabilizer with the change of polarity, to 0,1..24V,0..4A Grade: very good
general usage, is added * R komp. for DC motor, additional card for the change of polarity - SR3R

Senzori i sonde: 
Capacitance sensor
low cost, high temperature stable
Level probe
capacitance sensor for the detecting 2 level of liquids, waterproof in pleksi pipes 30 * 790mm
Detector of water level
low cost, uses the resistant sensor, appropriate for higher working temperatures of medium
Detector of water level with hysteresis
low cost, for resistant sensors with two levels (can and with the one level)
Detector and controller in the event of the leak of water
CPU AT89C2051
Current probe for the oscilloscope Grade: very good
AC current, isolated, fmax around 100kHz (the basic frequency of signal)
low cost, switches on the relay at weak lightings

Microprocessor applications: 

Battery-powered microcontroller
Counter editions with the additional local counter
CPU 80C32, 5+3 digits- CNT1
Counter editions 4 digits
CPU AT89C52 - CNT4
Counter editions 4 digits
CPU AT89C52 - CNT42
Counter editions 4 digits Grade: very good
CPU AT89C52 - CNT43
Detector and controller in the event of the leak of water
CPU AT89C2051
Display D6 V105 Grade: very good
6 digits 57mm heights, additional display for vehicular balances for external use
Batching plant waters Q1 Grade: very good
to 99 liters, resolutions 0.1litra, with the thermometer, CPU 80C32
Two canals measurer temperatures (or analogic voltage-12 bit A / D) with the transfer via speech link
-30.0..+90.0°C for exterior and 10.0..+50.0°C for the room temperature / analogic voltage 0-40.00V- DTTT
Limiter / converter of impulse for odorization (2 inputs, 1 output)
gather impulses from the 2 source and timewise them uniformly arranges (0..the 30 impulse / the SEC) - SPI2
Small CPU card
(8 keys, 8 digit, 5 free I / O line, 93C06)-MICRO30
Controller for the advertisement with 40 white LEDs Grade: very good
simple complex for the management with LED - R1
Simulator ROM 64KROM+ / RAM 64K
isolated towards PC, for the program development microcontroller
Complex automation of work of thermostat (Pixsys ATR610)
controls the starting more bake, switch on and puts out the ventilation - SLUP
Complex for the automation at home or apartment Grade: very good
controls electric radiators across 220V nets - PLC51
Complex for the control heatings across the mobile phone Grade: very good
makes possible the turning on and off heatings or other appliances across the mobile phone - GSM1
Complex for the control heatings across the fixed phone line Grade: very good
makes possible the turning on and off heatings or other appliances across the tel. of line  GSM1F
Timer 24 hour
CPU AT89C2051
probe pt100, thermostat 0..450C with timer 0..99min and hour, CPU 80C32 - TTH
Timer for leased playing consoles
controls the 4 apparatus (80C32) - counts down the time in input units (e.g. unit =125 the second)
Universal processor card
CPU 80C552
Device for the prevention of stealing of car
Substitute counter for Polygraph 3JZ 5 / 01S
Bell which plays the melody
CPU AT89C2051

Car-motto of electronics: 
Device for the prevention of stealing of car - AL01
fancy contact CMOS alarm
Device for the prevention of stealing of car
Device for saving car gas Grade: very good
closes the gas when release the accelerator pedal - 7 % save - CUT OFF
Device for the switch over long-shortly light
works across flash contact
Preignition for motorcycles I2051 Grade: very good
low cost, two canals, pickup inputs, CPU AT89C2051
Preignition for motorcycles I552
with the console for the programming angle, CPU 80C552
Regulator for motorcycles
AC three-phase - 12V parallel
Regulator for motorcycles
DC 6V for the dyinamo, 8A
Regulator for motorcycles Grade: very good
AC three-phase - 12V serially
Regulator for motorcycles
AC three-phase - 12V serial parallel
Regulator for the marine engine REG-UC
serially three-phase 12VDC
Regulator for the marine engine REG-SER3 Grade: very good
serially mono phase 12VDC, 10..30A - applicable for motorcycles 30A (360W)
Shunt Regulator 6VAC for Hondu 125
protections of bulbs from the burning
Regulator 14VDC for motorcycles with the alternator
Regulator 14VDC for car
Starter H7 or H4 bulbs
limits the maximal current bulbs and thus her makes longer life cycle
Thermostat for the fan of car chiller
complex for the control of fan on the chiller of car
Transistor ignition for the car
amplifier of platinums, automatic exclusion bobine, limited strength sparkle, makes longer the century of sparkplugs
Sound signalizations of switched on lights on the car
buzzes when breaks the contact and open doors

Other applications
Automatics stomatological chair
Relay card with flip-flops which connects on the keyboard and indicatory LEDs - DENTA
Adapter for the cheap charger of accumulator
current and voltage limit, protection from the reverse connecting
Adapter for the recording / loading the program SHARP PC-1500 on PC
replacement for the cassette deck
Appendix for wire thermostat who he makes wiresles - RC1
upgrade on the remote control REV Telecomfort
Detector of audio signals for are limited switch on across the mobile phone - ADC Grade: very good
low cost complex which makes possible the control across the mobile phone (the opening electro doors,.)
The phase regulator for light
precise and stable with TEA1007, 24VAC up to 220VAC
The phase regulator for light with soft start
with TEA1007, 24VAC up to 220VAC
Phase RMS regulator 50Hz
maintains the constant effective value of regulated voltage
Function generator with the frequency modulation
sine, triangle, rectangular, with ICL8038
Hakro folia press Grade: very good
appendix for the improvement of temperature stability
Kojak siren
regulable heights of tons, modulations, speed of growth and fall
Kojak siren - orginal
regulable modulations
saving half dupleks wire communicator for speleologi - K1
LED driver for 1W LEDs
200mA linear driver with mosfet preregulator on 24VAC - WLD
Light show - the 3 channel 220V  - sensitive
the 3 channel modulator lights depending upon LF signal
Modulator lights depending upon the noise - ZVUKMOD
light proportional loudness of noise, phase regulator, logarithmic characteristic
Ni-Cd charger/discharger - NICD
individually charge or discharge 4 cells 1,2V / 50mA
Amplifier capacitance probes
filters and generates the impuls for regulation - POJACAL1
Extension cards DIN41612
ab64, abc96, ac64, ac32, zbd48
Regulator DC of motor up to 180V,4A
I * R compensation - DC220
Regulator power 220VAC
simple discreet phase regulator for bulbs and collector AC motor
Regulator power 220VAC with the modulator on BAS - light show
simple phase regulator for bulbs with the supplement LF of input for the modulation
Servo stabilizer of net voltage Grade: very good
input 165-250VAC, 2000 and 5000VA, extra quality
Solid state relay
220VAC, with or without the passage through the zero
Stabilizer of voltage 0-30V / 2A
with thyristor switches as preregulator
Stabilizer 0-35V / 2A linear
Starter of 500VA ring transformer
there is no the strike current at switch on
Telephone adapter for the carbonic microphone
makes possible the use of dynamic microphone instead of carbonic
Telephone SSR
Switch on lamp when rings the telephone, opto or the trafo connection
Telephone bell
buzzer of specific sound 
Thermostat 75-200°C
analogic, Pt100, PWM +/-4°C - GOLD
U2 HEIDELBERG Grade: very good
substitute electronics for the control press and labels
Universal time relay
input 220VAC
Lighter for MH lamp 8A
Substitute cards of forklifts Indos EU-S3 and EU-1
inexpensive from original

Common characteristics of all device:
conservatively projected complexes
mostly does not use SMD components
the high reliability (rare failures)
mostly without the box
production on order, possibility adaptations specific needs
price makes falls, if ordered more pieces
with the every complex gets the documentation (except the source code software- and who pays additionally)