Simple regulator powers 220VAC
     Complex has been realized old 1984 and yet is in use. Is distinguished the simplicity also does have not integrated circles. The only lack is little the larger volume of complex because of the usage of small transformer for the power supply and synchronization the phase firing.
     As load can will use the bulb or AC collector motor. If for the load put AC asynchronous motor, probably will be the bad regulation. Reason this is what does regulate the moment of motor, but not his speed (turnings). Motor without the load, what overcame the friction, attain the maximal speed. If the motor loaded the load who produce the proportional moment for the increase speed, then the speed was able will be regulated. otherwise gets the only regulation of moment.
     Regulator also is not appropriate for the regulation high inductive loads just as are transformers without the load and similar. In that case the angle of conduction do not cross 90° per the every half cycle of voltages of power supplies (180°jer) comes to asymmetries AC current cumulations DC current who in the end destroys the triac regulator. Of course, if load high ohmic (the small transformer) this happens, but you nevertheless can destroy load because of the excessive warm-up additional DC current.
     Because of decreases of disturbances needs added LC filter on the entry of net voltage.


power supply 220VAC
load: bulb to 150W or the motor to 500W

     Warning: Because of the direct connection on the net voltage complex needs build so that twice has been isolated. E.g. housing and button of potentiometer of power have been needed from isolators (plastics).