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Bank account: Privredna banka Zagreb 2340009-1150033594

Service has been established 1993. years. Web site is active from the February 2002. years

Owner is the Šuro Rajak dipl. ing. electrotechnics.


service industrial electronics
repair of display for PC and switching power supplies
repair of television of all kinds
repair of remote controls of all kinds (the method klamfica)
making of electronic complexes on order
design of electronic complexes
making of schemes of electronic complexes (for undocumented complexes)
making car-motto electronics
repair Windows 98 / XP of operating system after attacks the virus

Our on business the FAIR rule utters a sound:

   The every legal person which steps across the term of payment and this lengthens time exchanges the money, goods, goods or the service will be is treated in the same way. This means that SERVICE service will wrap (i.e. exchange slave, goods or the service) correctly in the same deadline how has brought out the exceedance of statutory term by the last paying of issued account.

   In reality this will be like this. Exceedance of term of payment for 30 days is given that you only for 30 days are given accept on the order!!!

   From this fairly feign will be are excepted legal and natural persons which folds and hold
signed contracts.

Therefore good think over! Vam will pay off the such way grantings credit?

     To the rule have come the years-long work in conditions when single clients drag on with the paying counts as long as again do not need the service. These firms have led the other rule:

Why pay a bill on time? Will pay him only when precisely must.

     How do services condition the settling of debts, that is have fitted on their rule. They who drags on with the paying reckons upon this way only can get free of charge the granting credit.

     The alternative solution pays the service in forward along the proforma invoice. However, often happened, that is the final account greater than the proforma invoice so again continues equally.

     Our thinkings are are kept the solution of problem in a way that learn the client on the normal relationship introducing time penallties. Time, every client beforehand knows that his coming late in the settling counts and gain who this has achieved, was able will turn in the full larger loss if in key moments no can do get the necessary service.

     On this feigns the good part clientele, who has dragged out with the paying, has answered with the break of uses our services. For us this has been the good thing because does deal with not anymore driving into the owing. Has some less sent, but work normally.

     For the possible damage, emerged because of the use this feigns, do not respond!!!