Counter CNT4

     Has been intended for count down the determined number impulse after whom start the signalization siren. As required was able make and any other function.


microcontroller controlled counter with watchdog (autoreset in case of jamming)
local count down 1 to 9,999 impulse
summary counter to 999,999 (possibly him user cancels)
programable divider for the expansion of range: 1..256 (practically 1,10 or 100) also thus the expanded counter on maximal 999,900 in the local count down (with divider=100)
during the standard adjusting count-down still acts up to last given parameters
display of the summary or the local counter  - changeable in the work
programmable parameters of work (the duration sirens, duration forsignalization, filtrations of entrances, count towards 0 or to the set value, edge counter, active level of outer entrance, activation on the edge of outer entrance, blackening leading zeros,...)
monitoring of states of entrances  usable at adjustings of parameters counter
minimal widths of durations of entry impulse or pause: 2 ms (adjustable to 255 ms)
generates the warning signal of impending finish and this on is programmed number the impulse (e.g. 10 before the end - possibly from 1 to 99)
maximal frequency count down: 250Hz / fs=0,5 i.e. 18,000 / hour / fs=0,01 (fs=factor of fills the impulse for the counter)
possibly the function external entrance which is on the choice:
reset count down
reset of the summary counter
reset both counter
prohibition or the permission counting
reset stop the output
possibly the function relay output:
active during the final tone
active during the ton before warnings
active from before warnings by the end of the count down
bistabil who changes state after the every count down
turn on in the end the count down (and are reset across keyboards or the outer entrance)
NPN output of entry signal counter optocouler is isolated  - for the second counter
only two keys for the control of work (the technique of measurement of length press):
T1 = stop / adjusting
T2 = reset / program selection
stop the counte
program 2
LED display 4 digita 14mm / 125Hz refreshing
remembers state the tallyman, divider, stop the function and programs (in EEPROM 24LC16) at switching off
indicates errors on EEpromu after verifications recording and across the double check of parities of data
indicates drop voltages of power supplies and is not performed the preparing states counter as long as the voltage power supplies are not at least the 1 minute (after that) uninterrupted
power supply 24VAC / 30VDC or 220VAC / 2VA maxes  - the typical 1VA (switching converter)
input of counter galvanically is separated from the power supply
box 48 * 96 * the 120 mm
guarantee 3 years
the insured servicing and technical documentation
on request (with the extra payment) can implement the special function of entrance or the output also all other at wish (e.g. membrane keyboards)

     Appearance of front mask:

     time period of construction: 21 day

     Price with the siren 100dB and instruction: 1000 HRK (133eura)

     Price of complete project (scheme, PCB draft, software source in the assembler, algorithms): 7500 HRK (1000 eura)

     Terminals without the external entrance and relay output: