Detector of water level

     Complex is appropriate for the detection level waters in the wide temperature area because of possibilities of separatings electronics from electrodes. Used connection corresponds the connection with LM1830, but has been performed with some more significantly more inexpensive parts. Exactly the whole complex only slightly more expensive from only the price of parts of more expensive version.


power supply: 5VDC / 30mA
area of electrodes: 60mm2 on distances 5cm
frequency of work: 50kHz
amplitudes of voltages on electrodes: 1Vpp maxes
output: HC mos digital, 0V the active level (are detected the water)
lengths of connecting conduits: to 10m (the twisted pair or the koax)
dimensions (the two channel): 90 * 50 * 25mm (l* w * h)
low price
is not appropriate for the detection rainwaters and distilled waters

example two channel usage:

Price two channel board (without the box): 100 HRK (electrodes does not include)