Therefore, best solution (does not spend the energy, diminishes the pressure of gas in the installation, reliably, diminishes efforts of membrane of petrol dispenser, etc) it who has made possible the petrol dispenser that always works. This has been enabled the circulation of gas across stop valves. Valves are not ideal and consequences this is that in the direction of leakages function as pressure regulators. Pump pump the gas in the intestine towards the electric valve for the gas. When electric valve has been closed, pressure grows to the value the 2 bar after what opens two block valves and return the gas in the feeder pipe from the tank.

Spoj benzinske instalacije protiv zaglavljivanja membrana pumpe na LADI Nivi

     Useful consequences of usage this connection has been and fewer fuels in the carburator. That is, shorter pressure of gas in the ingoing intestine makes possible the float that more easily closes the entrance fuels. Consequence this is the faster transfer on the gas because in the shorter time remains without the gas. Lack is the clumsiness of connection, who has even 15 shells and 7 joining intestines this possibility of heavier pulls of fuels when the system stay dry. Then necessary flat tweezers shrinks the any joining intestine in the circle of reflexive valves and manually pump up the fuel.

     After the installation of valve, for now (across two years), has not been none problems with the feeder gas.

     The complete material for this solution has been acquired in the firm Tho.m.gas. d.o.o.