Light show - sensitive
         Complex has been realized ancient 1986. Is distinguished the simplicity also does have not integrated circles. Standard schemes light shows has had problems with the bad sensitivity, special on middle and higher frequencies. This scheme of this problem does not have because with potentiometers were regulated LF signal and DC bias also on the maximum achieved the very good sensitivity. Exactly for this light the show of sufficient amplitudes with only a few wata of power of the audio amplifiers.

     As energy user will use the bulb. Tied NF transformer has been needed is tested on at least 3000V. The figurative proportion is 11:. Necessary is that has what more the wrapping in order to that more easily transfer short frequencies (the basso).


power supply 220VAC
load: 3 bulb to 100W

     Warning: Because of the direct connection on the net voltage complex needs build so that twice has been isolated. E.g. housing and buttons of potentiometers of power have been needed from isolators (plastics).