Shunt regulator 35W for the honda 125ccm
     Complex is very the simple and develops from the need that extended lifetime durations of bulbs on the motorcycle Honda 125ccm. Bulbs feed across the switch with the generator alternate current. If whom by chance do have not orginalne bulbs (35W), happens that the setting of weaker bulbs (25W) comes to the frequent burning. In order to this prevents, has been made parallel shunt the regulator. He look out for the amplitude AC of signal and at too high amplitudes takes over the part of power of generator on himself. In order to protect obe bulbs (long and short light), complex has two AC of entries.

     Complex does not laugh connect before the switch because in the event of the switching off of bulb all power of generators would finish on the regulator also he would overheat and fail!


entries AC1 and AC2: 6VAC / 35W
limit of voltage: 6VAC
dimensions: 95 * 80 * 20mm

     price: on the inquiry