Thermostat 75-200°C with PWM regulation within + / - 4°C

     Complex replaces electronics of thermostat Art Hockenheim TR1. This thermostat uses for the foil press on old Heidelberg to the engine. Price original probes is about 3000 HRK, and existing electronics not it possible remake that operates at Pt100 probe. The substitute complex uses existing triac RCA40430 also the existing transformer. As compared to orginal, has been added electronics for PWM regulation power within + / - 4 °C from set temeprature. Complex has the output for the digital voltmeter also on him was able read off the measured temperature (10mV / °C).

     Board of complex:


power supply: 20VAC / 2VA (with the transformer)
probe: Pt100
zone regulations: 75-200 °C
stability regulations within + / - 1 °C
accuracy of regulated temperature: + / - 4 °C
output: triac 4A / 220VAC (880W)
the measuring output: the set temperature (10mV / °C), measured temperature (10mV / °C)
potentiometer: 10K ww
dimensions:(L * W * H) 89 * 70 * 28mm

     Price: the 750 HRK (with the implantation in in the box of original thermostat)

     The possible use has not been limited only on the replacement, already the complex was able will use and other cases when is the needed thermostat.