WLD - 200mA driver for to 8 piece 1W LEDs on 24VAC
          Present you linear LED driver 200 mA. Was most simply to take the one diode and one resistor and has solved the adjusting current. However, then have the impulse current which has the spitz, and and light LED is twinkling. Adding of electrolytes loose the twinkling LED diodes and have rather the monotonous current, but has paid large dissipation strengths on the resistor (to 6W), and and light LED diodes changes with the power supply. If would have more LED in the series, losses considerably smaller but then multiple increase the dependence about the voltage of power supplies. As the solution offers itself and switching application, whose is the price usually higher because of the usage of transformer or coils. Our solution bases on the usage mosfet the preregulator and linear stabilizer in the connection of current source. Dissipate power on the mosfet and linear stabilizer is constantans and little depends on voltage of power supplies. Essentially have been that is the peak value power supplies at least 8V higher from the necessary output voltage. On the output was able link from one to 8 LED. If uses to 4 LED diodes, then the power supply may be and 15VAC. The output current is sufficient for the power unit 1W POWER LED by 50°C (with the suitable heat sink). Power LED ZLED W32180 (N32180) can get across firm IC Elektronika. The special characteristic this LED of drivers is the usage easily purchasable electronic parts. Removal of any failure is therefore easily and simple.


power supply: 24..30VAC-2..6VA (15..30VAC)
number LED: 1..8 1W LED of diodes in the series (1..4 " 1W " LED)
output current: 200mA DC  constantly and independent about the voltage power supplies and number LED
output voltage: 0..25VDC (depending upon the number LED)
power according to LED: 0,6W
usability: approximately 70 % for 4 LED, approximately 82 % for 8 LED
ordinal terminals on board (on order can and separable)
dissipation of regulator: 1W regardless of number connected LED
ambient temperature: -25..50°C
protection from the short connection: DA  unlimited
box: open for the rail 120 * 40 * 50 (l * w * h)

     Price: 150 HRK (20 euro). Guarantee is 3 years (does not cover strike the high voltage).
     On larger quantities discount.

     Options make:

The smaller output current (e.g. 100mA).
the closed box
The waterproof making  - sealed with ledouts
Board without the box